How to avoid creative ruts in 5 foul-mouthed steps

Good Fucking Design Advice Co-founder, Brian Buirge. Photography by: Bonnie Burke

Close the browser, put down your phone, and roll up your fucking sleeves. The creative process takes time, effort, and courage — not Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The following pieces of advice from Good Fucking Design Advice will help you cultivate the discipline necessary to start and fucking finish your next project.

Just fucking start.

There is no fucking time to waste. You must begin before you’re ready, before you have any answers, and most importantly, before you stop yourself. It is this way for everyone.

The outcome is always uncertain—be afraid and fucking do it anyways.

Creativity requires fucking tenacity.

Creativity isn’t a moment. It’s a fucking work ethic. It’s not magic. It’s a process. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s for the courageous few. When you hit a wall, it’s not time to check out and check your phone. Success is just around the corner.

Remember—persistence is creativity in disguise.

Don’t make fucking excuses.

The secret to doing the things that must be done is to fucking do them. Excuses are simply the lies you’re telling yourself. Don’t lie to yourself; you’re better than that.

Take action, and take fucking responsibility.

Ask for fucking help.

Don’t be an arrogant prick and assume that you can do it all yourself. You can’t — so get some advice, then get a second and a third opinion. Be humble. When did you start thinking you had to know it all anyways?

Ask and you shall fucking receive.

Learn to fucking improvise.

If you wait until you’re certain, you’ll do nothing. If you follow what everyone else has done, you’ll get nothing. Trust your process, learn from your failures, and you’ll find your own fucking way. Take a risk — trust your intuition.

Fortune favors the fucking bold.

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Good F*cking Design Advice

Good F*cking Design Advice — Authors of “Do the F*cking Work: Lowbrow Advice for High-Level Creativity” Follow us on IG @GoodDsgnAdvice

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